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The opening of the 3rd Hongjitang Ejiao Culture Festival


The opening of the 3rd Hongjitang Ejiao Culture Festival (Dec. 22, 2018)

On December 22, the 3rd Hongjitang Ejiao Culture Festival opened at Linuo Campus. hundreds of visitors, including business partners, media representatives and common citizens attended the opening ceremony and witnessed the important rites of the festival, which included fetching water from the Jade Spring on the winter solstice; worshiping Yue Jingyu, founder of Hongjitang; getting fire at the Jade Spring Pavilion and starting the process of Ejiao preparation. The festival was also to celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Hongjitang Ejiao.

During the festival, visitors can learn the development of traditional Chinese medicine over the past two thousand years through the vivid reliefs on the TCM cultural wall. Beside that, they have the opportunity to observe manual preparation of Ejiao with gold cauldron and silver turner at close range. And TCM doctors will provide consultation service concerning daily health care on site. Visitors can also enjoy folk performance like lion dance, paper-cutting, dough sculpture, straw weaving and cross talks on the campus.